LD32 Flashpoint: Suarez Out as HCDO Assembly Replacement for Prieto


Antonio “Tony” Suarez of Secaucus, a Housing Authority Commissioner thought to be ready to supplant Assemblyman Vinny Prieto (D-32), is out of the running for the job, a source told InsiderNJ tonight.

“It’s over,” the source said. “Tony’s not going to be the candidate.”

Tthe Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) originally had his sights on Suarez, the brother of Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez.

But the deal for him fell apart this week and the organization is in the hunt for another potential assembly person.

“It’s really wide open at this point,” the source told InsiderNJ.

Kearny has the second most residents in the district and brings in the second highest votes after North Bergen.


The lowest.

Harrison doesn’t produce much either, the source noted.



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