LD40 Flashpoint: Corrado Infuriated by Latest DiGaetano Radio Ad


A DiGaetano Team ad playing in LD40 on 710 WOR lists the cellphone number of Passaic County Clerk Kristin Corrado.

Corrado is running against DiGaetano for the seat currently occupied by retiring Senator Kevin O’Toole.

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7 responses to “LD40 Flashpoint: Corrado Infuriated by Latest DiGaetano Radio Ad”

  1. He’s a sick Thug! This is just an example of how he’s going to act and LD40 must stop it now before New Jersey is run by Goodfellas, only concerned about filling their own pockets!

    • This is the kind of disgusting anti-Italian invective and vitriol that has no place in politics or in life. Stephanie here has clearly been watching too many movies/HBO and thinks that all Italians are disgusting stereotypes. Besides making claims about paying for the calls that are clearly false, you are also a racist. The Corrado campaign should disassociate itself from such anti-Italian rhetoric but they haven’t thus far. Paul DiGaetano is no thug. His degree is from the University of Notre Dame in aerospace engineering aka rocket science and he was in the Naval Reserves. Your statements are ignorant and slanderous and you should feel shame.

      • You obviously don’t have a degree from kindergarten! Thug is not anti-italian, it’s a description of a person who is a bully and doesn’t care about anybody but themselves So they try and push people around! So in fact it is the perfect description and everything that I said is spot-on! Take your Twisted so-called logic and keep sucking up to the thugs. You sound a little anti-semitic accusing me of watching too many movies from Hollywood! Shame on you for using my religion against me!

        • You are saying that New Jersey is run by Goodfellas and calling a prominent Italian -American a thug and saying New Jersey would be run by Goodfellas if he is elected. That’s racism against Italians. Also the calls were not funded by the BCRO at all. That is a demonstrably false statement. I will not capitalize Thug or Twisted because neither is a proper noun. Something they taught me around the time when I was getting that kindergarten degree.

          • So they let you out of kindergarten, that’s hard to believe! I do recall reading in several outlets including this one, that the current sitting senator of ld40 had his life threatened. That sounds a little thuggish if you like that word because I really don’t care what you like. Now go cry to somebody else who cares!

          • PS Mazel ‘tov on the degree and the use of the word demonstrably, you must feel so proud of yourself!

  2. Guess which BCRO chairman has decided to use OUR funds to pay for his own robo-calls?! He couldn’t raise any money on his own and now is dipping into the pot for his own greed! Pathetic and we can’t let this go on anymore within our party, especially not in District 40… please vote the Corrado ticket tomorrow!

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