LD8 Flashpoint: LaPlaca Confronted by GOP about LD1 Mailer (Video)


A Republican tracker this afternoon tried to get LD8 Democratic legislative candidate Gina LaPlaca to comment on an offensive and racist mail piece issued in LD1 this week by the General Majority PAC, which also funds mail for other Democratic battleground campaigns, including LD8.

Focused on her own race, according to a source close to the Democrat’s campaign, LaPlaca did not take the bait (see the video below), and the GOP was unhappy with the candidate’s response to a camera-wielding Kevin Tober.

“It is completely unacceptable that Gina LaPlaca refuses to condemn racism,” said Stanfield-Peters Campaign Manager Angelo Lamberto. “Her refusal to answer is a cop out and it’s shameful. She’s just afraid to offend the Camden political bosses who fund her campaign. The voters of the 8th district deserve representation from independent-minded leaders willing to do what’s right, like Jean Stanfield did as Sheriff and Ryan Peters did as a SEAL.”

Stanfield and Peters condemned the piece two days ago here.


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