Leaders, Legislators React To Governor Murphy’s 2019 State Of The State Address

Various organizations, leaders, and legislators weighed in on Governor Murphy’s 2019 State of the State address (read the speech and watch the live stream here):
  • When asked by a reporter on his way out of the Assembly chamber on whether the address was conciliatory, Senate President Sweeney responded that Speaker Coughlin had ‘struck that tone early on‘, referring to minimum wage. Sweeney released a statement on the speech, saying ‘we have made real progress in the past year’ and that ‘we have to work in a collaborative and productive way’.
  • Speaker Coughlin released a statement saying that ‘by working together, we will strengthen our communities and prosper economically’.
  • Senate Minority Leader Kean released a statement saying Murphy has ‘ignored basic fiscal reforms’ over the past year and that the speech lacked a ‘clear agenda for the next year that reflects the taxpayers’ priorities’.
  • Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick (in a battleground district this year) tore into Murphy’s policies – saying ‘I like him personally’ – and criticized him as ‘out of touch‘ and ‘an extreme part of his party’.
  • Assembly Majority Leader Greenwald released a statement saying the speech was ‘well delivered and well received’ and that he looks forward to the Legislature ( as a ‘co-equal branch’) and Governor working to address high property taxes.
  • Senator Oroho said that Murphy’s ‘singular focus on advancing progressive social policies, while burying his head in the sand on fiscal reforms, will do little to slow the out-migration’ from the state.
  • Assemblyman Bucco said ‘nothing we heard today addresses’ property taxes or cost of living and that Murphy is ‘fooling himself‘ if he believes the state is stronger or fairer.
  • Assemblyman Auth released a statement saying the state is ‘choking on excessive regulation‘ and urged Murphy to ‘rethink his agenda’ and focus on property taxes and spending reductions.
  • Assemblywoman DeCroce called the speech a ‘masterpiece of progressive rhetoric‘ but a ‘dismal failure’ as a vision of affordability and economic competitiveness.
  • Assemblyman Rooney tweeted that he’s surprised ‘surprised Murphy is touting his success in providing property tax relief. How does an increase of $639M in property taxes last year fall under ‘relief’.
  • Assemblywoman Schepisi tweeted that there was no mention of property tax relief, adding that ‘we may be only State that needs to build a wall to keep residents in’.
  • NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt said that the state is ‘headed in the wrong direction‘ and that Murphy’s ‘ultra-liberal’ policies ‘make us weaker and poorer’.
Various groups reacted to the address:
  • The Department of Human Services released a statement touting the Murphy administration’s progress.
  • Americans For Prosperity-NJ released a statement calling on Murphy to address pension reform.
  • The NJEA released a statement applauding Murphy’s emphasis on union job creation, and pledged to continue working with him and the Legislature on public education issues.
  • The NJBIA released a statement that they shared the Governor’s commitment to growing the innovation economy, but cautioned against raising taxes in the FY2020 budget.
  • Make The Road NJ said that Murphy’s first year brought ‘groundbreaking change‘ for immigrants, but bemoaned the lack of progress on the drivers’ license bill.
  • The League of Conservation Voters said he’s made ‘huge strides in turning back the hands of time’ on Christie administration environmental policies.
  • The Sierra Club said that Murphy had ‘made some progress’ but not enough and had hoped the speech would provide a ‘reset‘ for the administration on environmental policy, adding that there has been ‘no action‘ since last year.
  • NJ Chamber of Commerce President Bracken called for corrections to the EDA’s programs, but said ‘we cannot diminish the EDA in its entirety’.
  • NJ Policy Perspective praised several of Murphy’s initiatives over the past year, while saying ‘there is still more work to be done’.
  • The CIANJ released a statement calling for a ‘well-managed’ tax incentive program.
  • The Main Street Alliance released a statement saying they look forward to progress for small business owners.
  • Clean Water Action said its ‘time to accelerate‘ the Governor’s environmental commitments.
  • The ACLU-NJ released a statement calling for action on marijuana legalization, minimum wage, and expanded drivers’ licenses.
  • New Jersey Future said it was ‘encouraging‘ to heard Murphy talk about business relocation to the state.
  • Jersey Water Works released a statement applauding Murphy’s commitment to clean water and upgrading water infrastructure.
The Governor’s Office released a statement breaking down his vision for tax incentive program reforms.
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