McGettigan Responds to the Atlantic County GOP: Full Letter

In response to a complaint by an attorney representing the Atlantic County GOP, Atlantic County Clerk Edward McGettigan today fired off a letter to the Attorney General.

InsiderNJ received a copy of that transmission today and reprints it in its entirety below:

“On September 29, 2017, a voter applied for a Vote by Mail ballot in person at the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office located at 5901 Main Street, Mays Landing NJ 08330. The applicant requested an Atlantic City ballot. The application was processed following standard operating procedures supported by statutory requirements. Upon completion of the process, the materials which included: Official Mail-In Ballot envelope (with computer generated label), Certificate of Mail-In Vote and Form 3 (Atlantic City Ballot) were placed inside a mailing envelope with a window showing the applicant name and address on the computer generated label. The envelope was sealed and handed directly to the voter.

“The voter informed our office that the ballot had votes casted on it, upon further review the ballot had votes casted but not for all eligible offices that could have been voted on. Our office received the ballot back from the voter followed by the procedures that are in place for all duplicate ballots requests, resealed the envelope with the duplicate ballot inside and turned that over to the voter.

“The Atlantic County Clerk’s Office does have in place enough safe guards to prevent this matter from going any further and can assure voters that this incident has not been duplicated and that all election materials are locked and are inaccessible to the general public.

“For a ballot to be counted it needs the Official Mail-In Ballot envelope with a computer generated label along with the Certificate of Mail-In Voter that must be signed by the voter, without those two components no ballot will be considered voted upon.”

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