Republicans Seek AG’s Office Investigation into Alleged VBM Tampering in AC Race

AC Mayor

An attorney representing the Atlantic County Republican Committee wants an investigation by the state Attorney General’s Office into a possible case of vote-by-mail fraud. Randolph C. Lafferty today fired off a letter to Deputy Attorney General George C. Cohen drawing Cohen’s attention to what the attorney says is evidence of ballot tampering.

“A registered voter in the City of Atlantic City presented themselves [sic] recently to the Office of the Atlantic County Clerk in order to procure a vote-by-mail ballot for the upcoming General Election,” wrote Cooper Levinson attorney Lafferty. “The voter was given the attached ballot. As you can see therefrom, the ballot he was given already had votes cast for Philip Murphy for Governor, Frank Gilliam for Mayor, and George Tibbett for Council. The ballot was ‘pre-loaded’ with these selections and obviously had been tampered with.”

Incumbent Republican Mayor Don Guardian is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Gilliam in Atlantic City on Nov. 7th.

“The individual then formally complained to the Clerk’s Office regarding this tampered ballot,” Lafferty continued. “After some internal consultation, the voter was given a clean ballot upon which to cast his vote. It was never explained to him how the initial pre-marked ballot came to be or who was responsible for tampering with this ballot.”

For Lafferty’s full letter, please click the link below:

Letter To Deputy Attorney General

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