Menendez Jr. Punches Back at Fulop

Menendez, Jr.

Statement by Congressman Rob Menendez

“I’m honored to have the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization and Chair Vainieri, County Executive-Elect Guy, Senators Stack and Sacco, and the vast majority of Hudson County mayors, all of whom are dedicated to the residents they serve.

With respect to Steve, he has been running for governor unsuccessfully since he was elected mayor in 2013, always at the expense of Jersey City residents.

Steve’s absence from the city – whether spending time at his Rhode Island mansion preventing people from accessing the beach or traveling the state for his own political ambition – has led to a housing affordability crisis, a broken budget and 911 calls that go unanswered.

Steve Fulop is right that it’s time to move on – time to move on from his failed leadership in Jersey City.”

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7 responses to “Menendez Jr. Punches Back at Fulop”

  1. I agree with you whole heartily. Fulop is the worst mayor ever. He has given Jersey City residents the shaft. Rental prices are totally outrageous. People who are life long residents are being pushed out. Jersey City needs a change. I really hope that he is not elected to governor.

  2. Every so often, he comes to work. Usually from my perspective at least 2 hours a week in the last couple of months. There is a house down the shore that I am told he regularly visits. He must have forgotten that I have his campaign reports that he made my office complete for him. I still have them all. He seems to use his staff that way. They may all end up in Rhode Island in 18 months. He must have forgot but I didn’t. The City is a disaster financially. So he must be spending some time with his real job. The one he is being paid for.

  3. I’m far from surprised the remarks Steven Fulop made against Rob Menendez, he’s someone that either likes you or don’t, there’s no rhyme or reason for his likes or dislikes , he rewards those with jobs and promotions strictly on his likes and dislikes
    I blame my move out of state totally on Steve Fulop it broke my heart to sell a home and neighbors I loved you ask why I blame him ? Well if Steve Fulop could have found my husband a job when he retired we could have stayed he found plenty of jobs for those who did a lot less than what my husband did being the president of HCCLC his resume speaks for itself
    Like I said no rhyme or reason for his loyalty to people that believed in him
    Luck to you Rob Menendez 👍

  4. Fulop is part of the radical left-wing Socialists in New Jersey. He wants to continue in the mold of Governor Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy and drive this state down the rat hole of Democrat-Socialists regimes. Fulop talks a lot about “Green” energy and putting NJ on a disastrous course to have all EVs by 2035. Fulop can’t even stop the flooding in his own city when the tide is high during a full moon and there’s a lot of rain. Yet, he’s telling us we need more environmentally friendly energy!?!?!?! The guy talks great platitudes, but doesn’t carry through on any campaign promises, or any promises at all. Finding out the guy spends more time in his Rhode Island home is despicable.

    Gov. Murphy is from Massachusetts. Fulop is from Rhode Island. Isn’t it time to get real New Jerseyans in the Governor’s office and turn the state around to where we can cut property taxes and income taxes by half and make the state affordable again, especially for seniors and their families??? Time to stop the Deep State in D.C. dictating who we have running our state (Murphy was Obama’s ambassador to Germany). Maybe it’s time we bring back the Mafia to run things in the big cities. We never had the crime we do now when the Mob was running the big cities. Maybe a time for a change back to the old way, instead of using carpetbaggers to run this state.

  5. Lots of stupid Comments here. You have a convicted felon and two people who have left the state and a Right Wing nut job ( redundant . )

  6. I love the Communist “useful idiots” that can put two cogent sentences together of any relevance. He calls people that don’t ascribe to his radical far-left Marxist ideology “Right Wing nut jobs”. It’s the Right Wing “nut jobs” that broke the Soviet Union and Eastern European Bloc in the 1990s and allowed those countries to have constitutional republics.

    It’s the Communists who are the “nut jobs” trying to tear down the American Republic and turn it into another failed Socialist-Communist state. The only Communist state that has survived is Red China, because of their tyranny over the people with the Army and the heavily armed police. Yet, their economy is collapsing and the people are starving. The Chinese people are grousing right now and Xi and his cohorts in the ChiCom Party in Beijing are very upset that the Government could collapse at any moment with over 1 BILLION people revolting against the draconian tyranny.

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