Menendez Office Issues Statement in Response to Feds’ Attempt to Retry the Senator

The Office of Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) this afternoon issued a statement in response to the news that the feds will attempt to retry Menendez on corruption charges.
“We regret that the DOJ, after spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars, and failing to prove a single allegation in a court of law, has decided to double down on an unjust prosecution. Evidently, they did not hear the overwhelming voices of the New Jerseyans who served on the jury this fall. Senator Menendez fully intends to be vindicated — again.”
Mike Soliman, who is Menendez’s former state director, issued a statement as well.
“Menendez fully intends to run for reelection. He expects to be vindicated and run aggressively to win, fighting against Donald Trump’s policies on behalf of New Jerseyans.”
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2 responses to “Menendez Office Issues Statement in Response to Feds’ Attempt to Retry the Senator”

  1. #BriberyBobMenendez Do we really need him at a time like this? He came right out and admitted he is a thug when he threatened people after his first trial.

  2. Menendez should be in front of a fair jury so there aren’t any conflict of interests. The new trial should be out of the state of NJ-NY or FL.

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