Menendez Speaks

NEWARK – In his first public remarks since a hung jury in his corruption trial, Sen. Bob Menendez began emotionally, waxed poetic and concluded with a blast of righteous indignation into a Fox News camera.

Declaring today “Resurrection Day,” Menendez did not specifically say he was running for re-election but was defiant and forward-looking.
To those who were digging my political grave in order to jump into my seat, I know who you are and I won’t forget you,” the senator said.

Struggling to compose himself through tears at the start of his remarks, he thanked his family for standing beside him and his fellow senators Cory Booker and Lindsey Graham for testifying on his behalf.
“To those who embraced me in my darkest moments, I love you,” Menendez said.
He blasted prosecutors and the FBI, who he claimed went to countless people seeking dirt on him.
“This is not what the FBI and the Department of Justice is supposed to be doing,” Menendez said.
“The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, and the way it was tried was wrong as well,” he said.
“I made my share of mistakes, but my mistakes never constituted a crime,” Menendez added.
He bemoaned the waste of time and money the case against him was, with taxpayers picking up the prosecution tab and his family bearing the emotional toll.
“What office of the federal government gives me back the last two and a half years of my life?” Menendez asked.
As he left with his arms around his two children, a Fox News reporter asked Menendez about a mistrial being different than exoneration. Menendez stopped, turned to the camera, and let Fox’s viewers have it.
“The Sixth Amendment says a citizen is innocent. Innocent! Until proven guilty,” Menendez said.
“I leave here today in the same way I walked in, innocent as determined by our laws, and determined by the Bill of Rights that you enjoy as press, I enjoy as a citizen,” Menendez said.
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