Menendez Trashes Trump’s Speech


“Tonight, the most divisive President in history spoke of unity, of bipartisanship, of American greatness, but ultimately, I am more likely to trust President Trump’s Twitter feed than Trump’s teleprompter.

“One speech isn’t enough to restore the nation’s trust in a President who lies whenever it suits him, who regularly betrays his own promises, and who literally shut down the people’s government over a useless border wall he promised Mexico would pay for.

“The President can speak platitudes about America’s respect around the world, but time and time again, he has betrayed the values that have made our nation great, shown little appreciation for America’s role in the world, and failed to offer real strategies to safeguard our interests and secure our prosperity in the face of immense global challenges.

“And frankly, no one speech by President Trump is capable of delivering bipartisan breakthroughs for the American people – only hard work, steady leadership, and good faith compromise can do that.

“After two years of erratic leadership, hateful rhetoric and broken promises, I fear that when the curtains close tonight, the chaos inside the Trump White House will resume and things will return to business as usual – weaponizing alternative facts, demonizing immigrants, and pursuing policies that enrich the wealthy few over the struggling and the striving.”

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  • Did you and Stacey Abrams have a pity party writing each other’s speeches, Bob?

  • JCHPSU77

    Bob: Loves to fly down (private) to the SEX Island to “do” underage little boys and girls.

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