NEWARK – Four days into deliberations, the judge in Sen. Bob Menendez’s corruption trial has excused a juror, forcing the process to reboot on Monday.

Juror #8, who Judge Walls promised in August would be allowed to take her pre-planned vacation, was excused for an alternate who had been spending the days of deliberations in a separate room. The 11 original jurors and the former alternate will reconvene Monday morning and start from scratch to reach a verdict.

The alternate and Juror #8 are both female, so the jury will retain its makeup of seven women and five men.

The last day of the original jury today passed uneventfully, with no questions to the judge and no indication of any progress.

Menendez was absent from the courthouse during deliberations but returned along with his attorneys to see Walls dismiss the jury for the day.

This is a developing story. Stay with InsiderNJ for updates.

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