Monmouth Democrats Give Resounding Support to Menendez, Who Crushes Horn

WALL – Energized Monmouth Democrats this morning threw their support to incumbent U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who vowed at the front of a packed IBEW Hall to fight against President Donald J. Trump’s agenda.

“When we get a Democratic majority this November, we will roll that back,” Menendez shouted, passionately pounding the podium for emphasis when he invoked the memory of his seamstress mother while sounding his commitment to equal pay for equal rights.

“This midterm election is an opportunity take our country back. We can get a Democratic majority,” said New Jersey’s senor senator, who received an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Menendez beat challenger Mitchell Horn by a vote of 234 to 9; or 96-4%.

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6) put Menendez’s name in nomination.

“Chris Christie was doing absolutely nothing to help us, and there were all kinds of problems at the state level, which Bob Menendez uncovered,” said Pallone. “He’s in one of the more important positions as a member of the Finance Committee,” Pallone added. “We know how the Republican tax bill will have a negative impact on New Jersey.”

Against the backdrop of a rip-snorting Democratic Primary in GOP plus-8 CD4 and sounding horrified tones over the foreign policy stewardship of President Donald J. Trump, the congressman woke up the crowd when he noted that Democrats will control the House after mid-term elections.

“When we’re in the majority, Bob will be the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and that’s super important when it means fighting Donald Trump’s disastrous foreign policy,” said Pallone.

State Senator Vin Gopal (D-11) seconded the nomination.

A self-described millennial candidate named Horn – a Bernie Sanders backer – is challenging Menendez for the nomination and promising to help down-ballot contenders. A second challenger, attorney Michael Starr Hopkins, did not participate in the convention.

In fact, he completely dropped out of the statewide contest.

Farmingdale delegate Patricia Ward and a second delegate, Ed Fisher, put Horn’s name in contention.

“Who here felt the Bern in 2016?” an animated, baseball cap-wearing Horn cried over mildly irritable mumbling.

Scattered hand claps made a polite effort amid mutters of “become a Democrat.”

“Who in this room misses Barack Obama?” Horn queried. “I don’t know him personally, but I fell in love with him over eight years. Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is a problem. Donald Trump is a dangerous man.

“But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know,” he added.

Harrumphs of irritation greeted the remarks as people began talking, then shut up again, out of respect for the process.

Garbage time voting took some time, as delegates formed two lines along the sides of the IBEW Hall and dropped secret ballots in cardboard boxes while Menendez and Horn lingered near the dais and diehards pawed the turf to get to the CD4 contest scheduled for later this afternoon.



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