Morris County is a Red Wall

Morris Vigil

One doesn’t know if Morris County Commissioner John Krickus is an aficionado of Pink Floyd, but he’s no stranger to talking about a wall.

In this case, a red one, which assumes brick.

“We are a red wall that has held up,” Krickus said near the end of last week’s county commission meeting.

Referring, obviously, to the Republican-controlled county, Krickus seemed to be speaking about a bright red wall in the murky, blue sea of New Jersey.

Going a bit off topic in what was a public meeting – not a campaign rally –  Krickus thought back to 2018 when Democrats ran an expensive and heated campaign, seeking to do what only one Democrat has done in the county’s known history, win what was then a freeholder seat.

But the red wall stood firm.

“We survived because we are the number one, best-run county in the state by far,” he said.

This was not easy.

Krickus made that point with geography, noting that some suburban counties around the country are changing politically.

“That’s not happening here,” he said.

It is true it has not happened in regard to county government, but Joe Biden did win Morris County last year.

There was some relevance to Krickus’ speech.

The board had just been urged by some members of the public to oppose state legislation regarding reproductive rights.

Supporters say the bill would protect rights granted to women under Roe v. Wade; opponents say it would essentially sanction genocide.

The board declined to act, suggesting the issue was not in its lane.

Krickus, who is seeking reelection this year, said the only way to get conservative ideas and bills passed is to elect Republicans.

He expressed hope about Jack Ciattarelli winning the governor’s race and chipping away at the Democrats’ advantage in the Legislature.

If Republicans don’t win elections, nothing will change, Krickus said.

Or as he put it relative to Morris:

“We need to keep this red wall in place, so we can continue enacting Republican policies.”

Cue the David Gilmore guitar solo!

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  • Babu_Rudeboy

    What rock is Krickus living under? The CD-11 Congressional seat flipped blue after being a lock for the GOP for years. Local governments in Morris Township and Chatham now have Democratic majority rule and Democratic registered voters now outnumber Republican voters in Morris County.

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