Morris Mess: In Bucco World, it’s Complicated

Bucco of Morris

Another month, another convention for Morris County Republicans.

A month after picking Anthony M. Bucco to replace his late father in the state Senate, GOP committee members from the 25th District will convene again on Nov. 21 at County College of Morris to pick the younger Bucco’s replacement in the Assembly.

But here is where things get a bit complicated.

Bucco resigned from the Assembly last week when he joined the Senate. So, the current vacancy goes only through the end of the Legislative term in mid-January. So, whoever wins the convention on Nov. 21 will get the seat for about six weeks.

But there’s more.

Bucco is running for the Assembly in next week’s election. If he wins, he obviously will not take the seat, given the fact he’s in the Senate. So, it’s possible that Bucco’s new seat – the one beginning with the next Assembly session in January – may also be filled the night of the 21st.

You can expect John Barbarula and Aura Dunn to seek the Assembly convention nod, but there may be other candidates as well.

Wouldn’t it be completely crazy if one person is picked to fill the expiring Bucco seat and another is picked to fill the new one?

Of course, if Democrats beat Bucco next week, there won’t be any new seat for Republicans to fill.

But we aren’t done with conventions yet.

If Freeholder Heather Darling wins her race for surrogate next week, she will have to be replaced at a GOP convention.

But when?

It all depends when Darling would resign as freeholder. She really wouldn’t have to do that until her surrogate’s term starts in January.

And these two conventions would not be the same. Only committee members from District 25 vote for an Assembly member; replacing a freeholder requires committee members from the whole county.

It’s all very simple, right?

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