Morris Republican Mehta Announces Run for U.S. Senate


Today, self-described first-generation American Dr. Rik Mehta announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate. The pharmacist and lawyer from Morris County said he is running to defeat U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

“While Cory Booker campaigns around the country for his doomed presidential bid, the New Jersey economy continues to tank and our beautiful towns are becoming destitute,” said Dr. Mehta. “For too long our state has been failed by socialist politicos like Cory, who continue to build their careers off the backs of our proud immigrant communities – while real New Jerseyans continue to struggle. No more. I spent my life fighting for communities and that’s what I’ll do in Washington.”

Click Here to Watch Mehta’s Announcement.

The candidate is one of at least three Republicans seeking the 2020 nomination to go up against Booker. The others are attorney Stuart Meissner and engineer Hirsh Singh.

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  • RubySwoon

    We need to hear more of your stances on key national issues too–protections for 1A/2A civil rights, for example. NJ Repubs will no longer vote for RINOs or wishywashy weak “conservatives.” They must fully support POTUS and despise socialist Democrats and the atrocities they plan for our nation.

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