Muller’s Statement to InsiderNJ in Response to Prieto Flap


Muller Statement:

For fifteen years, I’ve been so proud to have been entrusted with the autonomy to direct the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee through a historically golden era.  We have been able to grow the majority to the largest point in forty years, and have secured the most Democratic gains of any chamber in America since President Obama won the White House.  The leaks from a private meeting between Speaker Prieto and myself are quite disturbing, and I will reserve judgement as to my next steps because the success of the Democratic Party must come first.  The unprecedented speculation this week that our own Democratic casualties could positively influence political positioning is disheartening and deeply concerning.

As the individual responsible for spearheading campaigns for the state senate and assembly my moral obligation is to protect our members and candidates, along with hard working men and women on staff threatened to face economic uncertainty.

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2 responses to “Muller’s Statement to InsiderNJ in Response to Prieto Flap”

  1. Shame on Prieto for pulling this kind of nonsense. He is all about himself, and that is becoming increasingly clear.

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