Murphy Brushes off NJGOP Lawsuit


Governor Phil Murphy told’s Brent Johnson in response to a question about the NJGOP’s suit announced earlier today.

“There’s a suit against me?

“As you can tell, I’ve spent a lot of time focused on that suit.

“I’ve got nothing to add,” Murphy added.

The NJGOP earlier today said the organization filed its lawsuit on behalf of shuttered employers and some 1.1 million unemployed workers from around New Jersey. Chairman Doug Steinhardt and the NJGOP said they joined forces with a group of small business owners and filed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy and his Administration. Plaintiffs’ claims challenge the Governor for creating arbitrary and capricious classes of employers and employees and enacting and enforcing unconstitutional executive orders that deny millions of New Jerseyans equal protection under the law.

“Governor Murphy has irreparably harmed New Jersey small businesses by arbitrarily declaring some essential and others non-essential.  While mom and pop barbers, bars, brew pubs and retail shops are shuttered and struggling, big box stores, with big cash cushions, survive. Governor Murphy has callously covered his ears, closed his eyes, and ignored New Jersey’s cries for honest answers to real problems,” said Steinhardt. “The Covid crisis has created challenges for governments everywhere, but forty-nine other states are making progress, while New Jersey flounders. Governor Murphy could be guided by science,  but instead hides behind it.

“The Bill of Rights may be above Phil Murphy’s pay grade, but it’s not above ours,” the chairman added. “Our interventions may not matter to him, but they matter us. This lawsuit lets Plaintiffs plead their case to the Courts, since the Governor made clear that if you disagree with him you should move to another State.”

New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) Spokesman Philip Swibinski later issued a formal response.

“For years, Trenton Republicans partnered with Chris Christie to put our state in a deep hole. Now, throughout this crisis, they have engaged in hyper partisan attacks on Governor Murphy. The Trenton Republicans ignore science, ignore health professionals and ignore data — they even make light of the need to keep New Jerseyans safe. While New Jerseyans from every political affiliation are rallying behind the Governor’s leadership, the state’s incredibly out-of-touch Republican Party is trying to hijack the court system to literally play politics with peoples’ lives. This should tell New Jersey residents everything they need to know about Trenton Republicans – they’re just like the Trump Washington Republicans, and all they care about is scoring political points, even at the expense of the people of our state.”


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  • Freespeechforever

    Arrogance, ignorance, and lies are the backbone of Gov Murphy’s treatment of the people of NJ. The curve has flattened (cases down 70% and deaths down 30% as stated by him directly), yet no progress towards opening. He didn’t care about the most vulnerable elderly in nursing homes with his repatriation mandate, doesn’t care about citizens rights, and now doesn’t even care to keep his word based upon public health measures. His “cure” is becoming worse than the disease.

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