Murphy Doesn’t Intend to Change Staff

ATLANTIC CITY – Following comments by South Jersey Democratic Party powerbroker George Norcross critical of his staff, Governor Phil Murphy today said he doesn’t intend to make any changes.

“No, I do not,” Murphy told reporters at the Golden Nugget in a press conference he held ten days after he and lawmakers put the budget to bed.

“I have a very good relationship with him – a professional one,” the Governor said of Norcross. “…We don’t agree on everything. I obviously disagree with great conviction on the team. I’m very proud of the team, the job they are doing and will continue to do.”

Earlier in the press conference, the Governor decried the typically Trenton assessment that he and/or his staff fell on their faces during the budget process.

“This just in,” Murphy said. “The big winner here is the middle class, and that’s all I care about.”

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