Murphy Endorses Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today announced his endorsement of Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff. Alongside his endorsement of Chief Adamo, Governor Murphy endorsed incumbent Passaic County Commissioners Sandi Lazzara and John Bartlett for re-election and Rodney De Vore for the County Commission Board.

“Chief  Adamo is a leader with the experience and integrity to honor the late Sheriff Richard Berdnik’s legacy,” said Governor Murphy. “His dedication to law enforcement and his commitment to the people of Passaic County is exactly what we need in our next sheriff.”

“I am equally confident that Commissioners Sandi Lazzara and John Bartlett and Rodney De Vore will serve Passaic County well through their shared commitment to fiscal responsibility and community safety,” continued Governor Murphy. “Together, this team represents the best of Democratic leadership — with a commitment to economic opportunity, fairness, and a brighter future for all families. I urge the voters of Passaic County to support them in this June’s primary election.”

Commissioners Lazzara and Bartlett have been steadfast in their commitment to taxpayers and fiscal responsibility by not raising taxes for eight of the last eight years and helping to secure the county’s highest independent credit rating. Their work in enhancing the county’s recreational spaces and commitment to infrastructure stands as a testament to their effective governance.

Rodney De Vore is a lifelong resident of Passaic County who’ll bring a new voice and fresh perspective to the work of the Board of County Commissioners.

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6 responses to “Murphy Endorses Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff”

  1. What a huge endorsement for Adamo from Governor Murphy! Yet another win for Adamo, proving Speziale’s time is up! He let this party down, he let Paterson down, and he’s this county down. We cannot let him drag his wrecking ball through it again. TIME TO RETIRE JERRY. IT’S OVER. Adamo For Sheriff 2024!

  2. I have never seen this Currie dictator party so scared LOL endorsement after endorsement… Murphy couldnt get his wife elected in fact screwed his party bigtime with it losing party line bcuz of her running! This endorsement means ZERO just like all of the other ones lol… When Jerry wins after all of this that partys Currie stronghold reign is OVER and theyre so scared its actually pathetic to watch. Why so worried if ur so sure the voters are with your party?? OHHH I know why because half of the endorsements were done under duress and those ppl even closest to Currie will go in that booth and vote Speziale they are fed up with his dictatorship…. How come no endorsement from Benji Wimberly? Hmmm

  3. Murphy endorsed a Republican aka Tommy Adamo! He is a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit which is leaked! He failed to look in the mirror! He is corrupt! Tommy Adamo voted for trump! All factual and you can google it!

  4. Governor Phil KNUCKLEHEAD Murphy can’t get a dog catcher endorsed. He’s a lame duck Governor that’s ending his failed regime next year.

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