Murphy Jumps Onstage

LONG BRANCH – Vin Gopal got right to the point He said he just  won the “greatest landslide” ever for any Democrat in Monmouth County.

As Senate President Nicholas Scutari put it, Gopal has turned a competitive district into one that is no longer competitive.

Few would disagree.

Gopal’s win in LD-11 was so complete that he carried two Democratic Assembly candidates with him.

The re-elected senator praised voters for defeating dissension and hate in favor of bipartisanship.

He talked about working together and not trying to scare voters with phony conspiracy theories about education and climate change.

Gopal said people around the country worried about women’s rights and gay rights should look to a conservative district in Monmouth County and see that voters just elected a women physician and a gay woman to the state Assembly.

Gopal and his ticket mates addressed a boisterous crowd jammed into a bar along the waterfront.

As the winners spoke, Phil Murphy joined the party, arriving late and jumping on stage.

“There’s not much to say, go baby,” the governor said.

He added that LD-11 really rocks.

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3 responses to “Murphy Jumps Onstage”

  1. This is funny. Politicians take winning an elections so seriously that they really think that people “around the country”, are watching.

    The Egos of Politicians is so big that is really is comical, but said at the same time.

    Politicians come and go. Think of how many have been forgotten. The World 🌎 is much bigger NJ, let alone one district.

  2. With the right candidate and campaign, Gopal the architect of the grade school porn-ridden curriculum, would have lost BIG TIME!

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