Murphy Lashes out at Trump’s ‘Propaganda Campaign’ to Destroy Election


Governor Phil Murphy this afternoon savaged President Donald J. Trump’s attempts to block the governor’s executive order for a mostly vote-by-mail (VBM) election in the name of public health and public safety during the ongoing coronavirus scourge.

From CNN:

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign sued New Jersey Tuesday over the state’s decision to use a hybrid voting model for November’s election in which all residents will be mailed a ballot, leaving it up to them to decide if they would like to vote by mail or in person.

Donald J. Trump for President, the Republican National Committee and the New Jersey Republican State Committee brought the lawsuit asking the court to overturn Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order instituting the new rules that aim to give voters the option of avoiding voting in person during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alluding to that lawsuit and the president’s continuing criticism of vote-by-mail, Murphy kicked off his daily briefing today with what he described as “an unequival statement.”

“Our democracy is stronger when all voters have the right to cast a ballot in confidence,” Murphy said. “The president’s campaign is putting itself on record as wanting to delegitimize our November election instead of working with us to ensure voters’ rights are upheld alongside public health.

“This goes far beyond weaponzing the postal service to…  afull-throated propaganda campaign to undermine the election itself.”

The governor noted that many states use vote by mail extensively.

In this particular time, “Vote by mail will keep people safe,” though the Trump Campaign… is brazenly trying to sow fear and confusion. They are trying to distract us from focusing on our future. The sanctity of our democratic processes must be preserved.”

Trump has repeatedly cited a troubled local election in Paterson as evidence of a faulty VBM process.

Murpy strenuously objected.

“Paterson was not part of our primary. Paterson was a May 12th local election. To me, overwhelmingly, it is a positive data point. People tried to screw with the system, they got caught, they were indicted and if they’re convicted, they will pay a price.”

“To me, that’s the sysem working,” Murphy added.

One of those candidates slapped by Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in the May 12th election was Alex Mendez.

“I’m just waiting for my day in court to clear my name, and I am excited to start my campaign in a do-over election,” said Mendez,who hastened to add his hearty endorsement of the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“I believe the vote by mail is the most secure and convenient way for people in our community to vote due to them being hard working busy families and it’s the easiest way for them to express their voices,” Mendez added.

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