Murphy Moves on Expanding Capacity for Political Events


Effective May 10th, indoor room capacities for the following will increase to 50% of their maximum capacity, according to Governor Phil Murphy:

Private Catered Events

Political Events


Memorial Services


Speaking in the War Memorial at his COVID-19 briefing, Murphy noted that the increase would contain a limit of 250 people.

Effective May 10th, the general outdoor gathering limit will increase to 500 people, Murphy added. also, effective May 10th, outdoor capacity for large venues (1,000 or more fixed seats) will increase to 50% – with sit feet of distance between seated groups.

“The numbers are going in the right direction,” said Murphy, referring to the year-long-plus COVID-19 crisis.

The Department of Education and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education will issue specific prom and graduation guidelines later today.

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce this morning urged Murphy to allow school graduations and proms to resume in June and not to place severe restrictions on the traditional ceremonies.

“Graduating from grammar school or high school is – or attending a prom – is a rite of passage for young people and way for families to come together and to mark time,” said DeCroce.

“Students and parents have suffered a great deal of social separation in New Jersey in the past year. I think it’s time to lighten up on the restrictions and let families decide how they want to celebrate their children’s graduations and let our children enjoy the proms that will create a lifetime of memories for them.”

Ahead of the COVID-19 briefing, Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli – who wwants New Jersey to fully reopen – took a crack at Murphy.

He highlighted a letter containing the signatures of more than 100 business associations sent to the governor, asking for a comprehensive reopening plan with specific benchmarks and dates.
In addition to asking for transparency and predictability, the coalition asked for Murphy to go through the collection of executive orders issued during the health crisis and “clean up” outdated requirements to avoid conflicting directives.
Ciattarelli also released a general call for reopening, rehashing the impact that the pandemic has had on businesses and students, in particular.
While noting that school district reopening plans remain a local decision, the Republican challenger criticized Murphy for “closing schools” this long and said he should require schools to reopen for full-time, in-person learning in the fall.

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