Murphy to Northam: Resign

Gov. Phil Murphy says Legislative Democrats NJ 2020 budget proposal falls short on the principle of tax fairness, leaving the state without stable and sustainable revenues to secure investments.

Appearing at a press availability a day after he signed into law a new statewide minimum wage, Governor Phil Murphy this afternoon reiterated his view that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam needs to resign.

“Ralph’s got no choice but to step down,” Murphy said of his fellow Democratic governor, whose yearbook page surfaced last month, featuring a picture of someone in a KKK hood alongside someone in blackface.

Murphy fire-blanketed Trump in the takedown.

“Donald Trump tries to divide us, into us versus them,” said the governor. “His worst chapter was in Charlottesville.”

But as for the embattled Northam, “I don’t think there’s anywhere to go but to step back,” Murphy said.

Appearing at the Paramus event with Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37) and Bergen County Freeholder Chair Germaine M. Ortiz, Murphy also reiterated his support for the presidential candidacy of U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ).

The governor said he expects to participate in the near future in a bigger event in which he expresses his support for Booker.

Minimum wage remained the main set-piece of his appearance.

“There’s no argument that could dissuade me from raising the minimum wage,” Murphy said. “We’ve seen other cities and other states that have enacted this. We didn’t do this over night. We did this over time. People not going to place [the extra of] what they earn in a hermetically sealed jar. They’re going to spend it.”


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