Murphy on Air Quality Crisis: ‘Stay Safe’

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has declared an Air Quality Action Day for Particulate Matter for Wednesday, June 7. Levels of fine particulates will rise into the unhealthy range for sensitive groups statewide today and potentially extend into the evening hours due to wildfire smoke transport from the Canadian wildfires. Governor Phil Murphy released the following statement in response to today’s air quality in New Jersey:

“My team is in close coordination with the State Department of Environmental Protection as we vigilantly monitor the effects of the Canadian wildfires on air quality in our state. As conditions worsen statewide, I strongly urge all sensitive individuals – including those with heart or lung disease, the elderly, and the young – to stay safe and limit strenuous activities and the amount of time active outdoors today. Make no mistake, from the wildfires in Canada to those cropping up with increasing frequency and severity in our own backyard, these extreme weather events are tangible – and devastating – evidence of the intensifying climate crisis. As the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Forest Fire Service works tirelessly to protect our residents and properties across the state, we will continue to do our own part by pursuing the bold action our climate reality demands.”

For additional air quality information in New Jersey, click here. For additional recommendations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, click here.

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3 responses to “Murphy on Air Quality Crisis: ‘Stay Safe’”

  1. Leave it to the liberals no matter whatever happens it’s a climate crisis even when a man made wildfire is set by somebody it’s a climate crisis and yes I do agree it’s man made that way but come on wake up change is inevitable

  2. Governor KNUCKLEHEAD strikes again!!! He says it’s Climate Change causing the wildfires in Canada. Phil Murphy is such a goose-stepping Nazi! He follows his Party Line like a lemming. Scientists and experts are saying the Environmental Wackos in Canada, just like in California, have intimidated the government from cleaning up the brush and debris of dead trees on the forest floor saying that it’s bad for the environment if they clean it up. Hence, that’s how wildfires start you Leftist Idiots!!!!

    When California allowed for forest floor clean-ups and cleaning up debris and tumbleweed instead of making it a law prohibiting clean up because EnviroWackos were protecting animals living in the debris, we never had the wildfires we’re having now!!!

  3. Can a governor issue a safer at home order if air quality becomes too unsafe, similar to the COVID-19 nonsense safer at home orders?

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