Murphy: ‘All Options are on the Table’ on Budget

A day after the legislature voted in favor of the budget he didn’t want, Governor Phil Murphy complained that it is hard to accept an argument about New Jersey being in a death spiral when lawmakers are “backing the truck up on pork.”

“It’s time we look to the upcoming decade,” Murphy told reporters. “The fight doesn’t end today. It doesn’t even end next week.

“All options remain on the table,” he said, in anticipation of the next ten days prior to the June 30th budget deadline.

“There’s no doubt where the will of the people is on this,” said Murphy, deriding “the bubble down the street.”

“Seventy-two percent want to see a millionaire’s tax. This is not going away, no matter how we resolve the budget riddle.

“I would ask the legislature what their relationship is like with the people they represent,” he added.




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  • 1Prop

    Their relationship with the people is a lot better than your’s. You are inept, arrogant and clueless. Even Gov. Me Too Tammy can’t help you.

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