Murphy on Pot Legalization: ‘It’s Going to be Very Close in Both Chambers’

Ahead of a March 25th vote on recreational marijuana legalization, Gov. Phil Murphy again acknowledged hard work ahead and the need for all-hands-on-deck muscle from all government leaders.

“We’re still not there yet,” the governor told reporters this morning in North Brunswick. “We’re working it really hard. It’s going to take each one of the leaders. … We’ve all got to be all in. It’s going to take a village. It’s going to be very close in both chambers.

“The senate president, speaker and I are going to have to lay it out completely,” he added.

The governor said he was very proud of the legislation, particularly with regard to social justice in the expungement bill.

“We’re talking to everybody. We’re turning over every single stone,” Murphy said. “I believe it’s getable. I wouldn’t be throwing the amount of energy I’m throwing into this if it weren’t. The big steps forward that have been taken forward in social justice have caught everyone’s attention.”

This is the amendment in question:

Marijuana offenses up to 5 lbs. will be expunged by the Superior Court, this system will be established 9 months after the law’s effective date.
 There is no time limit for expungement.
 The filing fee for expungement is waived.
 First tier is expedited expungement in which residents apply to Superior Court to get their records expunged.
 Second tier of expungement is virtual expungement.



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  • 1Prop

    Let’s expunge the 2017 election and start over. The guy’s worthless.

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