Murphy: (Tammy) ‘Had a Path’

Tammy Murphy could have won a Senate seat, but the cost would have been too high.
“She had a path, she could have won this, but it would have been blowing our party up.”

That was the take offered this week by Gov. Phil Murphy during WNYC’s monthly “Ask Governor Murphy” show.

Down in the polls and facing a series of county convention defeats to Andy Kim, First Lady Murphy gave up her Senate bid in late March. In short, she never gained traction among rank and file Democrats.

The governor said his wife’s decision to bow out was a “tough call,” but she had party unity in mind.

“At every step of the way, she took the high road,” he said.

The governor’s point was that for the First Lady to win, she would have needed to run a costly, negative campaign against Kim, thereby dividing Democrats when party unity is needed for the 2024 general election.

Rather than do that, she stepped aside.

The conversation then drifted into a related issue – the “county line.” Or rather, the tradition of county leaders devising a primary ballot that gives a favorable position to endorsed candidates.,

The line for this year’s Democratic primary has been deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, but an appeal is pending.

First Lady Murphy was endorsed by many party leaders, which invariably put her on the side of preserving the line or, if you prefer, the status quo.

Kim supporters generally opposed the line, thereby putting the First Lady on the defensive throughout what became a two month campaign.

The governor acknowledged that reality, but lamented the fact a somewhat arcane dispute over ballot make-up pushed aside substantive discussions about Medicare, the border and the Middle East.
Fair point, but Kim and Tammy Murphy did have similar positions on many issues. It was the process and charges of nepotism that separated them.
Still, the governor said of the line:
“I think it’s ridiculous the type of air time it’s gotten.”

He also defended the line and county endorsements as just an element of a broader Democratic Party organization.

With the legal dispute still going on, the governor said it’s an open question where all this ends.

And when it does, he said, ” Tammy will be there as First Lady, (but) she won’t be there as a candidate.”



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11 responses to “Murphy: (Tammy) ‘Had a Path’”

  1. Pretty sad commentary by our state’s leader and his wife. Apparently, she was not able to campaign on her “superior” ideas, skills and abilities to convince the voters she was the better choice. Instead, she would be “forced” to go negative and tear her opponent apart (and his supporters). While there is no doubt that pointing out your opponent’s shortcomings with relation to their positions on the issues is part of any campaign…that is not “tearing the party apart”. This is an admission that Mrs. Murphy was an inferior candidate, and her only path to victory was through her husband, backroom deals or dirty tricks.

  2. Kim is any better? He sure jumped into Menendez’s gave real fast. Less than 24 hours after the indictment! A true opportunist!

  3. She works hard and the Gov works hard….Both could have just lofted…..Their work in AI and film, TV , Entertainment are the most significant initiatives to hit NJ in decades……She got a bum deal…..

  4. 🤣🤣🤣
    I’ve seen nothing good from either of them. More freedoms being removed, forcing things on us, taxes keep rising and we get nothing in return, taking away the rights of babies to live, etc.
    Entertainment is so important ? Bad actors is all I see.

  5. Disgusting that she was even offered as a candidate. Got what she deserved…a failed attempt and a total waste of her husband’s cash!

  6. What is questionable to many is that the wife of a sitting Governor can be promoted to the United States Senate without any experience other than being
    the First Lady that views oneself as ticked off mom.
    Those special interests that pledged their members’ support to her campaign makes you wonder what they would gain in return. Evidentially, the thought was, with enough money and backroom deals an unqualified candidate can be elected to one of the most important seats in the United States Senate.
    A climate change, gun banning, pro-choice agenda is important to many, but at this moment in time seems like a worn out strategy. The ordinary New Jerseyan
    is concerned with a plan of action that will afford them the 5 basic needs of life. They are too busy surviving to be ticked off.
    Netflix and the film industry were wooed by Gov. Murphy’s administration by handing out large tax break incentives. It will create jobs; but Nexflix film studio at Fort Monmouth is still several years away.
    Right now, people are concerned with the cost of basic everyday items and the education of their children, that seems to have run amok.

  7. Ah the high road. The Tammy people were smug and condescending at every opportunity. Now, few of them have voiced support for Andy. We are listening Phil and Tammy – you say you don’t want to divide the party – how about an Andy endorsement?

  8. New Jersey government is the Land of Corruption, headed by the biggest corruptocrat in Phil “KNUCKLEHEAD” Murphy. Any wonder why he pushed his wife into the Senate race??? To keep NJ corruption going at the highest
    levels. “Taking the high road” meant being corrupt at the highest level. So, No. The Murphy’s took the low road. They’re nothing but a couple of Massachusetts Carpetbaggers that don’t belong in New Jersey anymore.

  9. Phil’s a great guy! He speaks the truth! He said yrs ago,”if you can’t afford it here, move”. Guess we’ll be moving. It’s ignorant people like you that give new jersians a bad name! Wish I lived back In Massachusetts. Cleanest and fun city I’ve ever been too. Lived there 10 yrs. And went to college there. Grandparents were from there and moved to nyc. Grandfather was a civil engineer and later a lawyer grandmother one of the first women to graduate from tufts university. Grandpa went to mit. The north east is great. Don’t ever knock New England. It’s beautiful. Too many stupid people breeding

  10. A great loss to the State of New Jersey and the Country with the withdrawal of Tammy Murphy from the US Senate race. The First Lady, throughout the years has been a pioneer in maternal health issues and other vital services to the people. I was prepared to work day and night for her election to the US Senate seat.

    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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