Murphy to the GOP: ‘Go Ahead, Make My Day’

GLEN ROCK – Republicans are emboldened this year, convinced they have the issues on their side.

Go to any GOP campaign event and in rather rapid-fire order, you hear them all – parents’ rights, dead whales on the beach, affordability.

One man not convinced is Phil Murphy.

The governor, the first lady, the lieutenant governor and many other elected officials crowded into borough hall Tuesday morning to talk about an issue Republicans just about never bring up.

You guessed it, abortion.

This has been a winning issue for Dems all over the country since the Dobbs decision last June, so a gala event highlighting the party’s support for women’s reproductive rights is understandable.

The official reason for the gathering was for Murphy to sign a bill establishing a new website – – offering information on reproductive rights and access throughout the state.

That, of course, was a splendid opportunity for the governor to highlight differences on this issue between Democrats and Republicans.

Referring to recent comments made by Republican leaders in the Legislature, Murphy said that if the GOP had its way, it would cut funding for family planning – just like was done during the eight years of the Christie Administration.

He said the Republicans’ approach amounts to “government regulated pregnancy,” which he called “shameful.”

As stated, this is a great campaign issue and Democrats hope it will generate turnout in what figures to be a low turnout election. As the governor admitted himself afterwards,  generating voter enthusiasm in an election like the one upcoming on Nov. 7 is always a challenge.

As for the substance of Murphy’s argument, it is true that most Republicans are, broadly speaking, anti-abortion. However, those rights have been codified into state law. Changing them is not possible as long as Murphy is governor, which will be the case until January, 2026.

However, if Republicans gain control of just one House of the Legislature, they can block the family planning funding Murphy was speaking about.

The location of Tuesday’s event did not seem coincidental.

For one thing, the borough council in Glen Rock is made up of all women – the only such governing body in the state.

Additionally, the borough is in LD-38, which is a district Republicans are hoping to pull an upset. So, what better place to rev up Democratic enthusiasm than Glen Rock?

Murphy himself was quite upbeat, proclaiming that. “The Republican anti-choice agenda is dead on arrival in New Jersey.”

As for some of the other GOP campaign points, Murphy didn’t think much of the parents’ rights argument.

“With all due respect, parents have always mattered, they do matter, they always will matter,” he said.

The governor also strongly supported wind energy, which he said is essential in congested New Jersey.

He added that the wind industry would create thousands of good union jobs. As for the GOP critics:

“If they want to be on the other side of that, good luck.”



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2 responses to “Murphy to the GOP: ‘Go Ahead, Make My Day’”

  1. Murphy can’t talk about the real issues important to New Jersey, so he brings up the abortion issue. That’s all the Democrats have as a talking point. They can’t talk about New Jersey’s affordability because no one can live in this state anymore with the highest property taxes in the nation, 3rd highest income taxes, top 10 in highest sales taxes, No. 1 in business regulations, crime is on a huge upswing, and they stole our gasoline tax monies to fix the roads. Has anyone seen NJ roads lately? It looks like a moonscape. And, winter isn’t even here yet. Where did that money go?

    No, Murphy has nothing to offer New Jerseyans other than abortion arguments. That’s because Murphy is a carpetbagger from Massachusetts, and an Obama appointee for Ambassador to Germany. That’s why he can’t connect with New Jerseyans. That’s why his Democrat-Communist Party, which has been in power in the Legislature for 20-25 years is sweating this election; especially the shore counties where Murphy wants to put up the failed wind turbine project that’s killing whales and will be a visual nightmare for tourism. You can figure that the wind turbine scam alone will cost New Jersey $5 BILLION DOLLARS in lost tourism. Who wants to look out over the ocean from our beautiful shoreline and see 900 foot wind turbines 10-20 miles offshore???? Nobody!!!! But Murphy will have already left office with tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars lining his pockets from the wind turbine company Orsted.

  2. The reality is that Murphy’s and the democrat legislature’s pro-abortion policy is EXTREME, which PROTECTS abortion up till the time of BIRTH!
    They also have a radical education policy! Pornography under the guise of a health program from kindergarten through 12, and revisionist woke history courses that assail the United States of America! Murphy truly doesn’t care much for parental rights with his attorney general suing Boards of Education who side with concerned parents and reject his administration’s RADICAL LGBTQ curriculum! New Jersey is better than THAT!

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