Murphy on Trump Paying Virtually No Federal Income Taxes: ‘It Strikes a Discordant Note’


Governor Phil Murphy reacted to the weekend New York Times story that laid out how Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 out of 15 years beginning in 2000 because he reported losing significantly more than he made.

From CNN:

“Where do you begin?” said Murphy, addressing the questioner.

“A couple of things hit me,” said the Democratic governor, who backs former Vice President Joe Biden for prez. “Number one, it’s part of the deal [as an American]. ‘I’m going to pay taxes.’ You pay in and get you get stuff back, and so that leaves you kind of cold.

“Secondly,” Murphy added, “nobody of significant means like that should be paying less than a working family in New Jersey. We talk a lot about folks who have done well.”

He notred the passage in New Jersey of his millionaire’s tax.

“We’re asking those who make more [in a crisis] to take those proceeds and put them into the middle class,” said the governor. “I’m proud of that.”

Trump not paying federal income taxes “strikes a very discordant note,” Murphy observed.


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  • Hancock212

    If no laws were broken, so be it. Biden made the rules, Trump outsmarted them. I love it!

  • TooMuch TooFast

    Death and Taxes. If he followed the rules, he followed the rules. It is up to the IRS, not the NY times to say if he paid his taxes or not

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