Murphy v. Kim


“I think Democratic leaders know something that the rest of us don’t,” was a statement posted on a popular political Facebook page recently about Tammy Murphy’s quest for a US Senate seat.

What the Democratic Party leaders know that rank and file Democrats don’t, is that they have the power to select candidates and the rest of us can’t.

There has been a growing resentment of the “party line” for several years now, chiefly among party grass-roots activists and if those folks decide not to knock on doors, and call or text, next fall, because of Tammy Murphy’s anointment, then the party may have trouble in certain districts. What makes most sense is that the party “leaders” know that Murphy can’t beat Kim in an even-up primary so they are stacking the deck as high and as quickly as possible.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy are scheduled to speak at Senator Cory Booker's 2020 presidential campaign kickoff rally.
NJ Governor Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy.

These early endorsements, all but two of the Democratic members of the House, Mayors, party Bosses in Hudson, Camden and a wealthy Florida resident, put a damper on fund raising for Kim and is a very well-orchestrated attempt to make Tammy Murphy’s win seem inevitable. It may well be, but it could hurt the party as elections and events unfold.  Within hours of Murphy’s announcement, Hudson County leadership announced that its 861 County Committee members had breakfast together and voted an endorsement of Tammy.  Well, no, that never happened.  The County Democratic Party endorsed Murphy, but there was no vote among its membership.

If the Republicans have any sense, which is unproven at this point, they will nominate someone who is clearly not tied to the political machines in this state and who will espouse moderation on social issues.  No one springs to mind, as the MAGA thugs have chased the Christie Whitmans and Tom Kean seniors of the GOP into hiding, but, unlikely as it seems, one of that persuasion may emerge.  If that happens, then the resentment among the post 2016, newly birthed Democratic activists, about the party line could spell disaster in this deep blue state for Democrats. Those recently minted Democrats have been focused on the election thief and his enablers, but their more egalitarian instincts have been aroused as this primary battle doesn’t seem at all Fair to them.  Fairness is a much-valued commodity among these folks. Plus, they blame party leaders for throwing Tom Malinowski under the bus.

That scenario is a figment of my fevered liberal soul.  The Democratic Candidate will win next year because the Republicans will fall victim to another mugging by the MAGA thugs and the stakes are too high on the national front to do anything else.

But then again remember the Chicago Daily Tribune headline, “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

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6 responses to “Murphy v. Kim”

  1. You are correct when you say activists won’t canvass, text, or phone bank for the Governor’s wife if she steals this nomination. And yes, she will have trouble in certain districts. No, I don’t think it means a Republican will take the Senate seat…..but it will be a cold day in hell before either Murphy can count on the support of those committed to Andy Kim. The road on which their future plans lie will be quite bumpy indeed.

  2. The politically abused Democratic endorsers may state their Tammy support, but they don’t represent voters. Their is deep resentment for this power play from which the Murphys may never recover. I was proud of our state and our governor until this, now I am ashamed. We want an experienced, sincere Senator who has international experience in this world aflame, and that is Andy Kim.

  3. We activists don’t like this big footing by Party Bosses. I will support Andy Kim. I am disappointed by Mikie Sherrill’s endorsement. It is not a good look for her and those actions are starting to accumulate.

  4. Tammy Murphy would PROBABLY be a decent senator. Andy Kim will DEFINITELY be a great senator.

    Send a message to the New Jersey self-serving power brokers by electing Andy Kim to the Senate.

  5. I take comfort in knowing that the best-funded candidate does not always win. It’s hugely disappointing to see Murphy play this game, but Andy has a lot of fervent grassroots support, at least in South Jersey. Here’s hoping that he is able to introduce himself to Central and North Jersey voters. Soon.

  6. Whatever happened to all that anti nepotism sentiment the Dems tossed around in campaigns back in 2003? Slightly different circumstances but the R’s will easily modify and use the theme..

    Nobody wants a family member on the staff or inheriting an office. That was old NJ politics, the party said 20 years ago. The stink of aristocracy will easily be weaponized. And then there is Menendez’s kid… what an issue to hand the Rs.

    Go with Kim.

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