Murray Detonates Gerrymandering Apportionment Resolution, Process as ‘Undemocratic’

A working group of leading academics and lawyers who have been actively promoting redistricting reform has issued a comprehensive report on reforming the state’s decennial legislative redistricting process.

Monmouth University Pollster Patrick Murray legislature’s proposed constitutional amendment for an apportionment commission alteration as fundamentally “undemocratic.”

He also objected to Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald’s (D-6) insistence earlier in the hearing that interested parties had been summoned to give their opinions and perspectives.

“I take offense to the fact that there has been a public debate,” said Murray.

“I was just called to testify at the senate hearing,” he added, noting his inability to attend.

“Imposing any formula into the constitution based on [partisanship] is gerrymandering,” Murray argued.

Later in the afternoon, he testified before the Senate State Government Committee, and apologized for not being able to testify when his name was first called, due to him being simultaneously being called by the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Referring to the language of the amendment, he said ‘there are a number of unintended consequences here’.

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