Sussex County Sheriff Race Heats Up with Accusations of Incumbent Trying to ‘Ruin’ Challenger Andy Boden

More controversy arises during the GOP primary for Sussex County Sheriff race between challenger Andrew Boden and incumbent Mike Strada as an NBC News investigative report finds officers who allege hazing, harassment and abuse of power within the sheriff's office.

NBC’s I-Team dives into the GOP primary for Sheriff in normally tranquil Sussex County between incumbent Mike Strada and Andy Boden.

Boden, who was suspended without pay since March after being found unfit for duty by a forsenic psychologist, says he believes he is being targeted for running against Strada. “‘He has been quoted saying ‘I will destroy anyone who gets in my way’, and he’s destroying me.  The sheriff is trying to wreck my life, ruin me personally, financially,” said Boden.

Strada had agreed to an interview with NBC but ‘abruptly cancelled’ as the I-Team was on the way.  Strada’s campaign said via written statement that he’s one the being victimized and that Boden and his supporters have ‘engaged in a dangerous campaign of personal harassment’ and doctored a video clip that appeared to show the Sheriff fondling a female firefighter at an event.

Boden, meanwhile, was subsequently found ‘fit for return to full duty with weapons restored’ by a union forensic psychologist and is awaiting to be retested by the county.

See the full I-Team report here.

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