New Direction NJ Launching Nearly $2 Million Ad Campaign


TRENTON, NJ — New Direction NJ, a 501c4 non-profit advocacy organization, is launching a multi-platform issue advertising campaign beginning tomorrow highlighting the “stronger and fairer agenda” Governor Phil Murphy and his allies are implementing in the state. The campaign will run for the next several weeks and will spend nearly $2 million to reach state residents.

The issue ads show how policies like a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, property tax relief, lower healthcare costs and many others are “strengthening and growing New Jersey’s middle class.” The ads also urge people to take action to build support for policies that make New Jersey a stronger and fairer place to live.

The first two TV ads of the issue advocacy campaign are available here:

“New Jersey residents are starting to see clearly that policies advanced by Governor Murphy and his allies are helping to strengthen and grow the middle class and make the state’s economy work for everyone, not just the insiders and big corporations,” said Philip Swibinski, spokesman for New Direction NJ. “We’re launching this issue advocacy campaign to highlight the fact that New Jersey is becoming both stronger and fairer with the leadership of Governor Murphy and his allies and to urge residents to join the movement to enact and protect progressive policies.”

The policies highlighted in the New Direction NJ ads are highly effective at building the middle class, promoting equality and taking on the special interests, which is why this agenda is so popular with residents. According to polling conducted by the group, clear majorities of state residents support progressive positions like raising wages and increasing public school funding.

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