NJ Supreme Court Removes Troiano From The Judiciary

In the Toms River GOP 2019 Primary Election, Councilman Mo Hill defeated Joseph Coronato and Dan Rodrick.

NJ Supreme Court Justice Rabner issued an order removing embattled Judge Troiano from the bench and immediately concluding his recall service, as per the judge’s own request.  Troiano had made comments during a rape trial in which he said the defendant ‘comes from a good family who put him in an excellent school where he was doing extremely well’ and rejected an attempt to try the defendant as an adult.  His comments caused widespread outrage and demands for his removal from the bench grew over the past few weeks by legislators and members of the public.


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  • George R

    Good ole New Jersey, what a state.
    From judges dethroned to tax breaks for companies sucking the life out of the Camden waterfront. You have to love it there.

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