The NJEA and Fran Grenier: Imperfect Together


The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has thrown its organizational might against the reelection of Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3). But a closer look at past Facebook postings by the GOP alternative supported by the state’s largest teachers’ union hardly suggests a perfect fit.

The chairman of the Salem County GOP, LD3 challenger Fran Grenier, refers to  those who make their money from the government as “tax users.”

“Tax users”

Earlier this year he posted his eagerness to embrace the era of Donald J. Trump. Again, he is, after all, the Republican nominee for the senate seat in the 3rd, but it’s safe to say that the people in that photo aren’t brandishing NJEA membership cards.

Greiner and Trump.

He also was comfortable calling former NJEA-backed President Barack Obama, who’s coming in to New Jersey on Thursday, “an idiot.”

Obama post from Grenier’s Facebook page.

“Disgusting and sad” was how the GOP candidate characterized Hillary Clinton’s efforts to continue Obama’s legacy:

Clinton-Obama post.

He’s also very pro-gun:

On guns…

Finally, Grenier once said having breakfast with Governor Chris Christie was a good way to start the day, a sentiment that probably makes the NJEA’s collective skin crawl.

Christie and Grenier


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3 responses to “The NJEA and Fran Grenier: Imperfect Together”

  1. The NJEA would have supported Anyone with a pulse because of their vendetta against Sweeney.

    The NJEA has no clue who Grenier is or what he stands for, they do not care!

    The NJEA has lost all credibility by using this guy as a puppet. But that is what rich people do, they use people . The High salaried NJEA leadership only cares about tthemselves.

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