Not Giving up the Fight: InsiderNJ’s Interview with Hetty Rosenstein


Hetty Rosenstein, an influential New Jersey union leader, has left her post as state director of the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Rosenstein, who retired on April 2nd, told InsiderNJ’s Christine Sloan during an interview that she plans on staying involved in state politics.

“I’m not leaving the workers’ rights movement or the movement for social justice,” Rosenstein said. “I did decide to leave my employment at CWA and I think there were a few reasons why. The pandemic was really informative to me and it really convinced me that if there are really things you want to do, you have to do them.”

Rosenstein, who’s been a part of the union for more than 40 years, tells Sloan she wants to help Democratic Governor Phil Murphy get re-elected. Rosenstein also shares her experiences with other Governors over the years, some of those encounters, she adds, weren’t so pleasant.

Here’s Sloan entire interview with Rosenstein.

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