Ocean County Clerk Colabella: Heavy Voter Turnout in Lacey, Forked River

Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella acknowledged historic vbm #s in his home county.
“We have surpassed our prior record from the 2016 presidential election,” he said.

2018 total returned VBMS thus far (Expect this # to increase as BOE receives more ballots in mail today & postmarked ballots of today on Wed & Thurs):
29, 861
R – 12,633
D – 9,136
U – 8,092
IN 2016…29,202 VBMS WERE CAST
“We issued a total of 40,691 VBMs as of yesterday’s 3 p.m. deadline,” Colabella said. “In 2016 we issued 32,000 VBMs.  In the last midterm, Nov 2014 approximately 12,000 VBMs were cast.
“Finally, hearing heavy voter turnout at polls in Lacey [Forked River and other towns],” the clerk added.
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