Old Foes Christie and Cryan Yuk it Up with Five Days Left at Bramnick Swearing-in

They never liked each other, Senator Joe Cryan (D-20) and Governor Chris Christie, their politics defined in part by fights in which each served as the other’s foil, including pensions and benefits overhaul.

But the two men joked with each other this evening at the Superior Court swearing-in ceremony for Anne Marie Bramnick, the daughter-in-law of Christie’s ally, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R-21).

“The happiest guy in the courtroom is Joe Cryan because there are only five days left,” Christie cracked, referring to the days he has remaining as Governor of New Jersey.

The old political enemies shook hands in Hudson.

“Peacemaker, baby,” joked Bramnick. “That’s what they call me.”

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