The One with Legislative Experience: Van Drew

Nobody wants to be late for work the first day on the job. But it was only 10 minutes before noon – swearing in time for the new Congress – and Jeff Van Drew was still in his new office, holding his grandson and greeting visitors.

Finally Van Drew emerged, still holding his grandson. He was not concerned.

“There’s time,” he said as he began walking to the floor of the House.

Of the four Democrats being sworn in today, Van Drew is the only one with legislative experience.

“There’s a nice mixture to the group,” he said, noting that his new colleagues have worked in business, law enforcement and the military.

In contrast, Van Drew who most recently was a state senator, has served on all levels of government. Whether that proves to be a benefit remains to be seen.

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  • Lesser False Vampire

    And that experience really paid off when he messed up his first floor vote by shouting “NO!” when he was supposed to say a name or say present. SMH

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