Panos Zaps Haney in Middlesex GOP Primary War

LD12 senate candidate Art Haney and Middlesex County GOP Chair Lucille Panos hit heads hard this morning against the backdrop of a ballot fight.

Haney is irritated at Panos for putting together a local slate as part of her bid for a council seat in Old Bridge , and demanded her resignation. Panos lashed back at the challenger to her longtime ally, state Senator Sam Thompson (R-12).

“Everybody wants this little in-fighting – but I say let the people decide,” said Panos. “I have been a unifying force in this county and everyone knows it except a snake like Art Haney. When he was executive director of the [Old Bridge] MUA he wouldn’t even put a Republican sign out because he had sold out to the Democrats.”

Panos said Haney made a salary of $166k in that position, in addition to his part-time salary when he served as mayor of Old Bridge.

“Now he collects a $73k plus pension plus,” said the Middlesex GOP chair. “Art doesn’t care. It’s all about Art Haney.”

Contacted for comment, Haney shrugged off the attack.

“It’s typical,” he said. “She’s always had a problem.”

Haney maintained that Panos – in her own council bid to defeat his Republicans in Old Bridge – has tied herself up in a political pretzel.

“She has completely tipped the scale,” said the senate candidate. “She’s trying to defeat the organization of which she’s the chairwoman.”

But Panos called back and doubled down on her counter attack.

“In addition to his $73,713 pension for 12 years full-time employment at the OBMUA, he left the OBMUA with a $60K boat check for unused sick time,” the Middlesex chair said.

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