Pascrell Defiantly Punches the Clock

SOUTH HACKENSACK – Bill Pascrell Jr. has heard the comments.

“Why the hell don’t you retire” is how he says the refrain usually goes.

Those raising the idea are out of luck.

“I’m not retiring,” the 86-year-old Pascrell said Monday morning during a check-award ceremony in this small Bergen County town.

Pascrell’s desire to run for another term in 2024 – his 15th – is not new.

But as he reiterated it this morning, it was easy to see why he wants to stay around. Pascrell, a former mayor of Paterson, clearly is in his element when he’s talking to – and with – municipal officials. More than that, his job representing CD-9 allows him to help the many towns and mayors in a district that ranges over Bergen, Passaic and a small part of Hudson counties.

Today’s ceremony was about a $210,000 federal grant to the town to develop a modern communications system for police and other first responders.

Pascrell joined local officials in touring the small command post in the township’s police department. When it was over, he said of a new communication system – “you need (it).”

The $210,000 grant will pay for two communication consoles to better allow police and other emergency personnel to communicate with each other. As was explained, the township’s current system is so outdated that it’s difficult to get parts.

The money may not seem like much, but as the congressman said, “It’s a pretty big bite for a small town.”

The township population is about 2,700.

Pascrell had that in mind when he said small towns are often overlooked by government.

But not by Pascrell.

“You’re not forgotten,” the congressman told about 40 people gathered in Township Hall for the festivities. “This is a big thing for South Hackensack.”

More generally, Pascrell talked about the need to ensure that law enforcement has the latest technology. He said it’s great for politicians to talk piously about backing police, but unless that includes giving them proper equipment, the high-minded talk is a lot of “baloney.”

Or as he said of police, “They have to have the resources.”

Before we get to the next election, it’s worth noting that Pascrell’s winning margin last fall was 17,000 over Republican Billy Prempeh.  While his reelection never seemed seriously in doubt, the race was closer than many of his previous runs.

Of course, given the fact the district was reconfigured after the 2020 Census previous results may mean little.

In speaking of his reelection plans, Pascrell was typically un-scripted.

“If they want to throw me out, that’s their prerogative.”

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6 responses to “Pascrell Defiantly Punches the Clock”

  1. Pascrell’s constituency is government workers and not the people who pay the taxes. Pascrell doesn’t care about the little guy. His record shows he voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time and those votes are for Socialist programs like the Green RAW Deal, the extortionate infrastructure bill which only 15% of the Trillion Dollars is going for infrastructure in the entire United States!!!! The rest is going to pet Democrat-Socialist projects like attacking the fossil fuel industry, which is good for our enemies, China, Russia, Iran, and increasing the Green RAW deal, going to the DNC and other Democrat political entities and individuals.

    So, No! Pascrell is nothing more than a corrupt politicians looking to line his pockets before he leaves office. He is not interested in the rest of us voters who work at real jobs, and pay the taxes.

  2. Bill, this is Henry Samek saying hello! Remember the Red Bar on corner of Wayne Ave. and Totowa Ave. back in 1970 and 1971. Last time I saw you was at Lorenzo’s off of Squirrelwood Rd., Woodland Park! Ask Elsie, she’ll remind you!

  3. We’re very unhappy with Pascrell. He’s spend his years shouting at clouds and has done absolutely nothing for CD-9 except making our lives harder.

    Its time to go.

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