Pascrell Reinforces Support for Two-State Solution

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-9) today reacted to reported remarks by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he opposes the formation of any Palestinian state.

“Any lasting peace in the Middle East depends upon a Palestinian state side-by-side a secure state of Israel. That is the very foundation for a safe and prosperous region,” said Pascrell. “If taken to fruition, the reported opposition of Prime Minister Netanyahu to any Palestinian state would undermine any lasting peace and bring about generations more of violence and tragedy. Despite the darkness of the moment, this important goal remains central U.S. policy and the best long-term plan for the region.”

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One response to “Pascrell Reinforces Support for Two-State Solution”

  1. 86 year old Pascrell should know that you cannot negotiate with people who have a stated goal of death to Israel.
    Until the radical Muslims cease terrorist attacks, suicide bombing, rape & murder and acknowledge Israel and their right to exist, there can be no serious negotiations.

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