In Paterson, Teague Wants Back On The BOE


Former Paterson Board of Education Commissioner Corey Teague wants back in.  A community activist whose maintained a vocal presence at BOE meetings, Teague sent a letter to acting state superintendent Shafer and submitted his name for consideration for the vacancy left by the resignation of Chris Irving earlier this week.  Irving is taking a position as assistant commissioner in Governor Murphy’s administration in the Department of Education.

Teague, a father of two, told Insider NJ he ‘hopes the board will consider my name.  If they bring me back they’ll have a strong advocate and activist.’

Teague served on the school board from 2012-2015 after winning in an upset election that surprised political observers, given the bare-bones nature of his campaign then.  A strong orator who’s outspokenness at times gained him allies and enemies alike, he lost his 2015 re-election bid and pursued a second bid in 2016, coming in fourth out of a field of seven candidates for three seats.  In that race, incumbents Irving and Rivera won handily, while Emanuel Capers bested Teague by 600 votes for the third seat.  


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