Peluso Shakes up LD-26 Assembly Contest

The Republican primary in LD-26 may be getting a bit more interesting.

Robert Peluso, a one-time councilman in Parsippany, is reportedly entering the Assembly race and will run on a ticket with Assembly candidate BettyLou DeCroce and state Senate candidate Tom Mastrangelo.  Morris County Commission candidate Paul DeGroot will also be on the slate.

GOP sources confirmed the alignment Tuesday morning, but there still may be a caveat or two.

Mastrangelo said in a phone chat that nothing has been finalized, suggesting that everyone wait until next Monday’s filing deadline.

Point made.

Still, a slate certainly makes sense regarding ballot placement.

When ballot positions are drawn next month by Ann Grossi, the county clerk, there may very well be two, full competing slates of candidates vying for the best position.

One will likely be the newly-formed group of Mastrangelo, DeCroce, Peluso and DeGroot.

The other slate will be the one endorsed by county Republicans at their recent convention.

That would be the one headed by four incumbents: State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio, Assembly members Jay Webber and Brian Bergen and county commissioner Tayfun Selen.

As for the new slate, Mastrangelo and DeCroce have not always been “buddy-buddy,” but the need for a united front of challengers, presumably, may trump other considerations.

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