Persichilli Addresses Young People and COVID-19 in New Jersey


Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli this afternoon directly addressed the issue of COVID-19 and young people in the State of New Jersey.

COVID-19 infections are rising rapidly in the country.

“To our young people,” Persichilli said at the War Memorial in Trenton, “they are not invincible or immune. Young adults are the fastest growing group of invididuals testing positive for the virus.

She noted an uptick of cases among young adults, and pointed to concerns expressed last week by Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle.

“We went two weeks in #Westfieldnj with no COVID cases and have had 7 in last week,” Brindle tweeted. “Most are bet ages of 20-26 who traveled out of state. Mask up people!”

Persichilli doubled down.

“In our state we have seen an increase in cases in people between the ages of 18-29,” the commissioner said.

In April, this age group represented 12% of total cases.

That percentage increased to 22% in June cases.

There are 24,000 people between the ages of 18-29 in New Jersey who have contracted the virus since the beginning of the crisis.

More than 730 residents between 18-29 have been hospitalized.

There have been 53 deaths in that age range.

The health commissioner reiterated the need for people to wear masks and maintain social distancing on the heels of a Saturday protest outside Governor Phil Murphy’s residence where individuals said, “Burn your mask.”

Also, President Donald J. Trump and his supporters have stepped up the case for schools to reopen in the fall.

This from reporter Brent Johnson:

Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday he still expects New Jersey’s schools to physically reopen in the fall — but he left open the possibility that could change if there are major concerns with the coronavirus pandemic.

“The strong bias, hope, expectation, the plan is to open,” Murphy said during his latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton when asked if it’s there’s a chance classes may not restart when the next academic year begins in September.



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