Peters Criticizes his Opponents for Being Instruments of ‘Camden Cartel’


Running for reelection in LD8, a key legislative battleground, Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8) chastised his Democratic opponents for being beholden to what he described as “the Camden cartel,” and laughed at the ridiculousness of politically-connected donors funding his primary opponent to say he’s not Trump enough, only to have some of the same donors turn around and condemn him in the general for being too Trump.

Peters also continued to criticize Democratic challengers Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale for failing to do a bit of condemning of their own in the case of an LD1 racist mail piece funded by the General Majority PAC, which also plays a key role in funding the LaPlaca/Natale campaign.

“They’re only hope it to get the blessing of the Camden cartel,” said Peters, a Navy SEAL, hit with ads from the campaign of his Democratic Party challengers. “They will do exactly as they are told. First, it’s Ryan Peters is not Trump, then it’s Ryan Peters is Trump. It’s a different messenger, but it’s the same messenger.”

Peters said electrical and ironworkers money helped his primary opponent, Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-8), hit him with the “not Trump enough tag.” Now that same money is attempting to brand him as a Trump guy.

“I support the United States of America and the people the 8th Legislative District,” said the candidate.

The General Majority PAC, which is connected to powerful South Jersey power broker George Norcross, is backed by the very donors who enjoyed the state Economic Development Authority (EDA) tax incentives now being investigated by the attorney general and FBI. And his opponents cannot distance themselves from the PAC lest they get frozen out of its considerable funding source, he argued.

“It’s just horrible for democratic government,” the assemblyman said. “I need voters, people, human beings, to know the Camden machine is buying more legislators.”


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