Peters and Stanfield Condemn Eversmeyer; Chide Their Opponents’ Selective Outrage

Stanfield, right, and Peters.

Condemning his Facebook pictures in which he showed himself in blackface, Assembyman Ryan Peters (R-8) and his running mate, Burlington Sheriff Jean Stanfield, called on Westampton Twp. Committee candidate Karl Eversmeyer to stand down.

“We are appalled by the recent black face pictures posted by Karl Eversmeyer, a candidate for Westampton Township Committee on his Facebook page,” said Peters and Stanfield in a joint statement.
“Both of us have worked tirelessly throughout our careers to promote and build diversity in Burlington County and within our party. We strongly condemn these racist photos and demand that Karl Eversmeyer suspend his campaign. This is not who we are and it is not the leadership Westampton deserves. We both find it extremely disappointing that our opponents only find the courage to stand up against racism when it’s convenient.  They still have refused to denounce racist mailers by the very people bankrolling their campaign. Unlike LaPlaca and Natale, we’ll call out racism from whoever or wherever it comes from.”
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