Politico’s Deep Dive Treatment of Trump’s 2016 Pick of Pence over Christie

Former EPA Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg wonders if former Gov. Chris Christie would be a good choice after President Donald Trump passed over Congressman John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence.

Politico today has an interesting story today diving into how 2016 Republican nominee for President Donald J. Trump broke the news to then-Governor Chris Christie that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, not Christie, would be his running mate.

Here’s a preview:

“You picked Pence?”

Trump hated confrontation, so he played it down. “Nothing is final, Chris,” he said.

Christie leveled with him. “I will do this for you, Donald, but I don’t need this,” he said.

But Trump assured him he was still in. “Chris, Chris, just be ready. Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready, I need you to be ready for this.”

“Mary Pat and I are ready, just tell us when.”

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