‘Predator’ Crashes Polling Place in North Bergen

In the movie Predator, Bill Duke summons Carl Weathers and tells him to turn around.


Duke barely looks over Weathers’ shoulder, causing the latter to turn and look.

At that moment, Duke plunges a knife toward Weathers and when Weathers turns back around, he sees a scorpion writhing on the tip of the weapon.

“Thanks,” he grunts.

Duke – phlegmatic and enigmatic – glares amid the folds of tactical hardware.

Anytime,” he whispers in probably the best one-word tough guy delivery of all time.

The title character all the while observes this exchange, shortly before making both men the victims of his carnage.

Well, evidently “anytime” turned into today, as Predator surfaced – where else? – in Hudson County on Election Day, specifically in North Bergen.

There was a sequel of sorts to Predator called Predator versus Alien.

But this time it was Predator and Mayor Nick Sacco versus Larry Wainstein.

In defiance of the Hudson County Democratic Organization, the latter is challenging longtime incumbent Sacco for the third time in as many tries.

Predator showed up on a bicycle wearing a Sacco T-shirt and combat fatigue trousers and walked into a polling place, much to the outrage and chagrin of Wainstein allies.

“He wasn’t a voter there,” fumed someone on Team Wainstein.

Sacco was unflappable, apparently asserting that Predator is welcome in a North Bergen polling place on Election Day…


You know it’s Election Day in Hudson County when Predator shows up at a polling place in North Bergen.
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