Over 125 Piscataway Residents Urge Rep. Pallone, Sen. Booker, Sen. Menendez & NJ Congressional Delegation to Hold All Coup Members in Congress Accountable

Piscataway, NJ – Over 125 residents signed the following letter, organized by the Piscataway Progressive Democratic Organization and the Piscataway Youth Progressive Organization, to Congressman Pallone, U.S. Senators Booker and Menendez, and Members of the NJ Congressional delegation:
January 19, 2021

Dear Sen. Booker, Sen. Menendez, Congressman Pallone and members of the NJ Congressional Delegation:

We were appalled and dismayed by the coup attempt on January 6, 2021 and the related actions to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election, including Georgia Senate runoffs. We are thankful that none of you or your staff were harmed in the direct attack. We send our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Rep. Watson Coleman who contracted COVID-19 as a result of being in protective isolation with GOP members who refused to wear masks during this traitorous attack.

It is no accident that after a strong majority of voters, especially Black and Brown voters, used their power at the ballot box to reject Trump and his GOP that Neo-Nazi and other fascist forces attempted to overturn the results. The disparity between the police response on Jan. 6 stands in stark contrast to the excessive force repeatedly shown to Black Lives Matter supporters and anti-fascist activists. Our nation’s systemic and institutional racism was on full display, as marauders carried a Confederate Flag through the Capitol and proudly sported Nazi slogans, killing at least five people. All of the people involved in organizing and executing this attack must be held responsible for their actions, and full and public accounting must be made so that we can ensure these forces do not regroup.

It is deeply disappointing, but not surprising that members of Congress who have supported Trump continued to do so after this deadly coup attempt and showed their true values by voting to overturn the election. We urge you to remove, by impeachment if necessary, Donald Trump as soon as possible. Further, we urge you to join Rep. Cori Bush’s effort to hold accountable every Member of Congress who incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election. They must face the consequences of their actions, as they have broken their sacred Oath of Office.

We are at a crucial moment for our democracy, and everyone involved in aiding, abetting and encouraging this coup must be held accountable before we can move forward. We urge you to stand against these traitorous white supremacists and remove them all. We look forward to seeing you co-sponsor Rep. Bush’s legislation in the House of Representatives and moving similar legislation in the U.S. Senate. There can be no unity without accountability.


Quiyana Butler
Darshni Patel
Reese Garcia
Juliet Pastras
Gabriella Posada
Michael Naman
Cristiana Formica
Laura Leibowitz
Taia Brown
Kimberlynn Harrison
Peter Cipparulo
Carol Koochis
Juan Reyes
Steven Petite
Edward Harris
Karen Riley
Nidia Hernandez
Jon Rosenblatt
Scott Reyes
Sonia Petite
Mathew Herbst
Jessica Taylor
Sarah Radford
Mindy Goldstein
Samantha Vreeland
Jorelle Green
Lorrine West
Linda Hanna
Brian Sayers
David Evand
Courtney Grant
Donna Brady
Robin Napravnik
Jennifer Wallace
Doreen Wilson-Bailey
Kourtnie Beckwith
Stephany Dalton
Joshua Fuentes-Paule
William Pastras
Jennie Perez-Ray
Barbara Cooke
Gloribell Mendez
Michael Boscarino
Debra Underwood
Hannah Aberin
Kesha Johnson
Henry Zeeb
Staci Berger
Lynn Rubinfeld
Parth Patel
Peter Mancusi
Kiva Brophy
Stacie Bender
Colleen Melia
Siobhan Doherty
Shelley Block
Barbara Howard
Anthony Weil
Paul Berger
Eveleana Matthews
Lisa Kane
William Brophy
Heather Epstein
Kimberly Robinson
Andrew Singson
Trudy MarshParham
Thomas T. Jones
Catherine Hunt
Josephine Paredes
Bonnie Foster
Keith Chiappone
Andrea Crowley-Hughes
Babette Quijano
Sherry Persad-Mehra
Shelley Block
Shantell Cherry
Krista Crowe
Matthew Young
Melissa Giannios
Niya Martin
Katherine DeMenna
Frances Segarra
Laura Kasauskas
Khymie McGhee
Louise Cymbaluk
Barbara Morris-George
Kimeth Williams
Hector Lopez
Margaret Natarelli
Jeffrey Donovin
Robin Roth
Emily Lane
Carol Verzi
Bonnie Brunish
Michael Verzi
Laura Tarbous
Kautilya Trivedi
Ronald West
Ginny Caputo
Sarah Ahmed
Zoë Walsh
Ann Bastian
Deirdre Austin
Marion Brennan
Kousik Bhowal
June Stern
Marta Mozes
Lisa Krislow
Susan Wolfson
Rebecca Berkowitz
Cynthia Collins
Deborah Muse
Maggie Drouaillet
Laura Cella
Lynda Williams
Mediha Sandhu
Janet Perrineau
Daveen Mann
Abigail Gardener
Tammy Booker
William Irwin


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